Life has a strange way of creating opportunity out of adversity if we are aware enough to seek it out. It was 1984; I had left my life as a college basketball coach behind to become a financial advisor. Although retail sales is a great challenge and learning experience, the Market Crash of 1987 opened the chance for me to segue into my real ambition, the bond trading desk, and institutional sales. It was on the Trading Desk that I felt truly in the game. Working as a bond trader allowed me to deal with the Wall Street firms on one side of the trade and our advisors in the sales branches on the other. Every day I was building relationships in New York and throughout our broker network and with each connection a new insight into the business. I was learning from the veterans on “the street” and trading millions of dollars on a phone call with companies like Cantor Fitzgerald, Fuji, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. Trading bonds with millions of dollars at stake, based on a verbal agreement, is a business experience based on integrity and loyalty, two of my core values and the foundation of all my relationships both business and personal.  On the other side of the trade, working with all of our retail financial advisors, gave me a chance to learn from their sales skills, and listening for what was their most essential needs, some of their frustrations and obstacles. I was in a great position to build relationships through my visibility while building credibility and trust. I could coach where possible and try to help them push some of those obstacles out of their way as they were building their retail business with the fixed income. This was home for me and my business for the next seven years.

After trading and managing the Fixed income Desk for seven years, it was time to move.  I was offered the role of the Financial Advisor Sales Manager at the broker-dealer with the same regional bank. The Sales managers position appealed to me as an opportunity to recruit, coach, and build my team. It involved a more significant role in coaching and mentoring of Financial Advisors in all aspects of their business, not only fixed income.  

As Financial Manager my responsibilities covered a much larger expanse of marketing responsibilities. It required me to stretch, learn, and grow in the areas of sales, training, and coaching for a sales force that we doubled in size. As a manager, it was a constant improvement to upgrade my game for our advisors and clients.  

 The market was intense; my financial advisor team was successful, with plenty of clients and quality relationships. It had been a good run as the office doubled in size and production in just over five years. It was in recruiting and coaching these professional advisors as they worked to achieve new levels of success that made the journey worth the effort. Success stories such as these bring me the joy of leading a team, coaching at a corporation or in my firm, and motivate me each day. It is all about the client.

After 20 plus years in the securities industry along with a few years in the mortgage markets, I decided to put my Master’s degree into use and taught and coached for a year in high school. There’s no denying my joy and talents have always been in coaching and mentoring those who want to learn and improve their business or life skills, basketball, or their studies. Teaching and coaching is fun and second nature to me. To witness the excitement and pleasure my clients face when they experience success in a new undertaking that we had just finished working on in a coaching session, is the ultimate satisfaction. Whether the person is 6, 26 or 66, each time the success of trying something new and achieve success, the look of pleasure they have as they succeed taking action, learning and improving, while making mistakes along the way, is coaching satisfaction. My excitement and affection for learning, and improvement, teaching and coaching, ran so strong, that I hired a coach and decided to make business coaching my career. I made my focus working with individuals helping them achieve success threw the growth process and producing not only the results and achieving the goal but obtaining balance and happiness. My clients accomplish this by building proper systems and methods in their work life and outside the office as well.

It is essential to grow in life outside the office as the business and make money. The balance in life will help create and keep success alive.  In my studies, I discovered this coaching concept and process to be called transformational change. SCG believes there are “3 Questions” defining the success of our clients.  My clients will be known for:

  • Who they are as quality people in the office and the community.
  • What they do to give the best service to their clients. It is more than performance numbers.
  • What are the values they live as an example to others both in and out of the office.

As your Coach , I am committed to a career of study, practice, and authentic living to bring more value to you as my client. I coach my clients to achieve progress and growth through enjoyment of their work and recognize the happiness it brings to their life. It is important for clients to transform their life inside and outside the their office. This is one of the keys to success in our philosophy at the Steele Coaching Group.

Join me to enhance your life, perform at your best, and enjoy the accomplishments for which you aspire . Your transformation starts right here, right now………. Why wait?

What to Expect

Coaching is designed to be a structured exploration into whom you want to be, what you want to do, and how to get there. In general, your life coach should:

  • Start with an in-depth assessment of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Craft a custom action plan that outlines a step-by-step process for achieving your goals.
  • Track your progress and support you through each step of the process via the coaching calls as well as useful resources and assignments.
Your work is more than a business. It involves the lives of your clients and your family. Your true accomplishments are judged by the success of the relationships you have with your clients at work and family at home.
My experiences in the corporate world include an advisor, manager, coach, and mentor. These career experiences, having been in the trenches with financial advisors and traders, are invaluable as a coach. My experience included fighting Senior Management for my guys and their success. I know the drill.
Is it time to make those tough decisions and changes that are holding you back? It is essential to ask the right questions. It's critical to be talking and sharing with someone who has been through the grind. I am a Coach who can understand your experience.